From Aleppo… A Testimony of Faith!

Syria in few words… In the past 7 years, millions of people have fled their home country of Syria – running for their lives to the neighboring countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and places beyond. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian men, women and children have also died in the fighting....

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Going Global Getting Gobbled

When I started this post, I was thinking about an appropriate title for it. A number of ideas came to mind, most of them sarcastic! As I am determined to be taken seriously, I’ve chosen “Going Global, Getting Gobbled” with 4Gs, a title that keeps me up-to-date, but will probably...

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Yes, together… for an optimal Synergy!

Dear Reader, We are so happy that through the past seventeen years, Your prayers and partnership have been a true blessing this year. Leaning towards its end, we’re happy to announce that 2017 was full of His mercies, His compassion, and His providence. There are several ways you can be...

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