An Enchanting Christmas

An enchanting Christmas in Syria and Lebanon. We will be meeting children and youth in several towns in Syria, then equally precious Kurdish children in Nab’a- Lebanon.

The Christmas cards handcrafted by your children will all be hand-delivered during each event. Every child personally receives toys and educational materials, plus a basket of food supplies  for his or her family, enough for a week of feasting meals!

The nation of Turkey kicks off our 2018 field trips

Last time we visited 5 cities in 4 days and spent the weekend with refugees in Istanbul. This time, we will cover 8 cities in 7 days. Our daily schedule will be super-busy;

Starting each morning with home visits, praying with the sick and singing with them also. Many who are house-bound cannot join us in events – therefore we come to them in worship and to deliver special relief for the families with the greatest needs. Planning diligently before launching our field trips, we prioritize towns and circumstances where our food stamps (BIM Cards) can make the biggest difference.

Everywhere we go, local choirs are encouraged to join and enjoy worship with us. Therefore, we practice songs to prepare our hearts and minds – the goal – for all to receive the Lord’s greatest blessing.

We’ll be meeting with our network of music teachers who are helping with the NFGM “Overseas Sponsoring Program For Talented Displaced Children”. Listening closely to their needs, our aim is to provide music education materials, check on sponsored students, and thrill to see so much talent flourish in the midst of hardship! If you inspired to sponsor a talented child, please Click Here. To learn more about this program, please visit our Projects.

Afterwards, we move to another town! 

On this trip, and because of your support, you will be giving away the gift we call the “Music Player” to thousands of children.

A spring visit to Athens

In spring 2018, we will return to Athens, Greece to work with local churches. The mission – bring relief, medical teams, and encouragement through prayer and worship.

Last time, with your support, we sponsored and were able to feed 450 families living in a refugee camp. Our hearts were blessed to hear so many expressions of gratitude like, “We haven’t eaten such tasty food since we left our home countries”.

Making children, mothers, fathers, and elders truly happy by serving a scrumptious meal was a delight for every member of our team. Check for more here!

On our spring 2018 trip, we plan to sponsor at least two meals for every member of our team. Click here to help provide a meal for a whole refugee camp of displaced families!

On this trip also, and again because of your support, we will be your hands in giving the “Music Player” to hundreds of children.