Tongues of Songs

Our Middle Eastern Christian communities in the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand are struggling with teaching the written Arabic language to younger generations. As a result, many of our youth -attracted to the melody, the groove - and who would love to worship with their parents, simply cannot follow the lyrics. No more!

Tongues of Songs offers a resourceful database of hundreds of Middle Eastern Worship songs' lyrics, readymade for churches to download for free. All lyrics are stocked either in Powerpoint format or pdf, where every song is written in Arabic, translated in English, and transliterated phonetically.

No longer is language an issue! Wherever you live, invite your friends to your church and enjoy worshipping the Lord together with easily understood music from NFGM. Missionaries can work better on their spoken/written language, as well as new immigrants can reverse the learning process by watching closely the translation and getting better at their English.

In the near future, we are working on adding other languages, switching between French, Deutsch, Turkish and Persian...

Help us grow our database by supporting our team who invests a huge amount of time, helping to make worshipping our God more collective and glorious! If you need the NFGM resource team to work on a song, send us an email on

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Index of Arabic Transliterated Letters

(Used in Academic Western literature)

'A - أ - ع 

ʻAannī Qaḍā - عني قضى

‛Ad‘ūka ‛Abbā - أدعوك أبا

‛Aʻṭinī Yā Rabbu Qalbaka - أعطني يا رب قلبك

ʽAlKalima - الكلمة صار بشرا

‛Almajdu Lillāhi Fil ‘Ulā - المجد لله في العلى

‛Anā ‛Amaton liRrab - أنـا أمـة للـرب

‛Arrabu Nūrī waKhalāṣī - الرب نوري وخلاصي

‛Attakilu ‘Alayka - أتكل عليك

‛Awhām - أوهام

ʻAynāka - عيناك


Angels We Have Heard - اسمعوا البشرى


B- ب

Basmeh Salām wḤub - بسمة سلام وحب

biRiḍāka - برضاك


Christmas Medley


D - د

Deck the Halls


Entre le boeuf - في المذود


H - هـ

Hallel Hallel - هلل هلل

Hallelū Yā Qawm - هللوا يا قوم


J - جـ

Jadhabtanī - جذبتني

Jésus est né - ولد يسوع


K - كـ

Kermālī - كرمالي


L - لـ

Laylatal Mīlād - ليلة الميلاد

liLlāhi Majdon- God rest You - لله مجد


M - مـ

Ma‘nāl ‘Īd - معنى العيد

Man ‛Anā li'Aṣīra- من أنـا - مبارك اسم الرب

Min Samā‛in liMidhwadin - من سماء لمذود


N- نـ

Nashīdil Makhlūqāt - نشيد المخلوقات


Sh - S - شـ - سـ

Shukran (Yā Sayyidal Ḥayāt) - شكرا يا سيد الحياة

Silent Night - في حضن مريم


T - Ṭ - تـ - طـ

Ta‘āla Yā Rabbī - تعال يا ربي


W - و

waSayamsaḥu ‛Allāhu - وسيمسح الله


Y - يـ

Yasū‘ Ḍawwā ‘aDdinī - يسوع ضوى عالدني

Yasū‘ Ḥilmil Kawn - يسوع حلم الكون

Yasū‘ Mā ‛A‘ẓhamaka - يسوع ما أعظمك