From Aleppo… A Testimony of Faith!

Dr. J. R. was there

Syria in few words...

In the past 7 years, millions of people have fled their home country of Syria - running for their lives to the neighboring countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and places beyond. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian men, women and children have also died in the fighting. How can one human being stand out in this sea of chaos and destruction? Perhaps, Nizar met this man during his most recent NFGM mission trip. Because these words travel overseas, to where conflict yet continues, for his protection we will identify only by his initials - Doctor J.B.

J.B. is one of the hundreds of Syrians who are thankful despite their suffering!

He was a health professional - a practicing dentist with a thriving practice in Aleppo. Yes, once beautiful Aleppo - perhaps the most violent and dangerous place on the planet for any civilian over the past couple of years. But the need was so great, that Doctor J.B. added a 2nd location to serve his patients. Then, one morning right around the corner from home, he found himself in the wrong location - as a missile exploded only 6 feet from him on the street. Doctor J.B. woke up on the ground, with a killing buzz in his ears. His intestines on the ground, he ordered his hand to come forward, but it was behind his neck and didn't respond. A pool of blood was getting bigger - and too quickly. Today Doctor J.B. remembers that fateful morning and only being able to utter the words, "Jesus (Yassu'), I love you" (Bḥebbak), and with his family pictured in his mind, once more, "I love you" (Bḥebkom), and then passing out...

Now, 17 surgeries later, Doctor J.B.'s abdominals are still open - he needs a minimum of 7 more procedures to fully recover. His right hand completely dysfunctional, Doctor J.B. has lost the ability to function as a dentist and will never practice again.

What would be the natural response of the average human being to such personal pain and professional calamity? Bitterness? Hopelessness? No, not for this stand-out Syrian. Rising above the rubble of half a million bombed out buildings, today Doctor J.B. is a man who expresses gratitude for his life and inspires others with his persevering attitude. He's gone from dentist to driver - his office is now a taxi where he counsels his customers on the value of life no matter their circumstances.

J.B. and his family

Next Steps...

At NFGM Ministries, we continue to serve and lift up the victims of this long civil war in Syria. We go with the resources you provide, for the daily sustenance of so many in need. And we return humbly to report to you - that even in the midst of savagery, God continues to showcase the incredible, overcoming human spirit in the hearts of men - like our dentist turned driver, Doctor J.B.

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