Amir K. Ibraheem

Amir Ibraheem is an Egyptian-born American engineer, actor and a smile sower! A happy soul who spreads laughter everywhere, Amir along with his wife Sherry, teach their only daughter Celine how important is to help others in need around the world - especially in Egypt. He believes that the arts are powerful tools to convey good moral values, positive thinking, and enhance someone's skills, particularly children. This is why Amir finds NFGM “fresh ground” in which to invest his talents and time for the good of others.

His ability to multitask, his special organizational skills, his great gift as a team player, his remarkable sense in forging  and bringing forth the good in each team member, and leading the work into completion -with everyone exhausted but happy-, makes him a great project manager. At NFGM, we are thankful for him!