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Mission to Juba!

  • 29 Feb, 2020

Our mission trip to Juba in South Sudan, from February 29th till March 9th, is a treasured memory!


A- NFGM team visited an orphanage, at the outskirts of Juba, but it was literally in the bushes!


B- We enjoyed the company of school kids, their enthusiasm for education, even though they have the worst educational conditions. For instance, one classroom had 80 students, where 7-9 students squeezed on a bench designed to seat only 4! And we were surprised that many of the classes had a random huge pile of dirt in between the students and the class board!


C- We managed to meet 8 elders from the same neighborhood, and enjoyed times of worship and prayers. Same thing with another woman's meeting. We were truly blessed as much as we were a blessing to others.


E- On the last day, our team managed to take care of one specific child (Abraham, 5 years old) whom we met at the orphanage the second day we arrived. He was traumatized to see his mother killed in front of him 2 years back, and was ashamed to play with other kids -even to leave his tent- because of a gallbladder problem. But NFGM team decided to go the extra mile, bringing him to the hospital, do all the blood tests, pet scans, we were even determinant to get him into a surgery if needed! We wanted so badly to get him through this! For our surprise, and God's mercy, after all tests, we discovered he only had a chronic inflammation and an infection in his gallbladder, needing some serious medicine, some minor changes in his habits and he'll be fully recovered. After 6 weeks, we contacted his grandmother, and Abraham is doing great. We are so thankful that a small step of love wrapped in hope changed Abraham's childhood, allowing him to create beautiful memories with new friends.


F- Also on this trip - because of the shortage of electricity- for the very first time, we gave the gift of solar music players for more than 300 kids. You had to see their smiles, laughters, and burst in dance, they were just adorable...