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Egypt... it's time!

  • 28 Oct, 2022 - 09 Nov, 2022

There are already 3,550 children lined up to benefit from our educational, social and musical programs in Asyut, el Menya, and the suburbs of Cairo (Zarayeb 15 Mayo, Kufur Yassa, and many other small towns). In addition to kids, we’re going to encounter, praise and pray with, and provide for the needs of thousand of parents and people within the same areas.

Stand up with us to bring the love of Jesus, the message of hope, and the joy of music to those pure hearted children. We need to organize the event spaces, sound systems, chairs, transportations buses for the youngsters, the puppet show team, music player shipments and customs, gifts and snacks. Speaking of gifts; NFGM is helping in buying shoes for 900 children in need and in preparation for school season!

Your support now will bless those young lives, blessedly imprinting and shaping their futures...