May 2022, Iraq... We missed you!

After 3 years, it is time to go back to Iraq. We still have lots of families in Kurdistan that never went back to Nineveh valley after ISIS attacks. And we have more friends and families moving from Baghdad and other cities due to persecution.

Also, we are so excited to visit back Qaraqosh, Bartellah, and Tel Kef after all those years. We get to enjoy, encourage and be encouraged by their fellowship. And in between, we share lots of music and relief work.

May 2022, we still have refugee families in Turkey!

It is clear that the global media wants to move on, even the UN slowed down the response to the applications and even sometimes, they turned their back to the refugee families scattered in most districts of Turkey. More than 1900 families ares till there struggling and away from their own kith and kin. 

Where the world tend to forget and the media turn off the lights, NFGM is willing to light a candle. Join us in this pilgrim of Hope...


October 2021, Syria is still suffering! (Canceled due to 😷)

As much as the global media wants to move on, the Syrian people cannot overcome 9 years of war, enduring displacement, persecution, chemical attacks, food and water shortages, loss of shelter and lives, scattered families, all that without the help and the intervention of the global community. Especially with soaring sickness due to the pandemic and the scarcity of the medical resources.

NFGM is visiting Homs and Damascus to check on our people there. Bringing relief, encouragement and hope, our teams are committed to tend to the physical, the emotional and the spiritual need!

October 2021, NFGM post-Covid first mission to Beirut!

We are hoping to raise another $50,000 until February 2021; The date of our next mission trip to Beirut- Lebanon. We also want you to join us on this mission. "The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few." Mat. 9: 37.
Fill the volunteering FORM and let's connect at the earliest..

We are so grateful for your generosity. Together with your support we have positively impacted so many lives under great stress. Thank you for your part in raising $41,034 as of October 25th, 2020. Giving the financial crisis the country is enduring, and the inflation rate of the Lebanese pound versus the US dollar, it has been done above and beyond all that we asked or thought possible!

1- You helped us feed 76 young people for three weeks straight, volunteering to clean damaged homes and streets in Ashrafieh, Beirut.
2- You helped us move 42 elders outside of the disaster zone, seeing to their needs including food, medicine and rent.
3- You helped us over the month of August to provide 3224 meals for affected families.
4- You helped us distribute 412 food boxes for families in need.
5- You helped us cover 174 homes with contemporary window plastic shields.
6- You helped us provide medical treatment and medicines to more than 332 injured victims - many who still suffer from chronic health issues.
7- You helped to plan, buy, and handcraft new doors and window for 24 homes to date.

You continue to help us feed 100 families in the Northern suburb of Beirut, in the Keserwan district. The Lebanon Monthly Food Box Initiative" launched in July and will be ongoing till January 2021.

May 2020, NFGM back to Iraq! (Canceled 😷)

We didn't visit Northern Iraq since 2017. But this year we are led in prayers to revisit this precious land. The people there are devastated, and they need more than a social media moral support. They need our presence to lift them in worship and prayers, to visit the sick and check on widows, to encourage the war orphans, and to support the damaged families from ISIS. The aftermath of the war is still eroding the demographic picture, and minorities are still suffering of injustice.

June 2020, Greece and Turkey (Canceled 😷)

As much as NFGM team enjoy going to Greece and Turkey, we endure rough times living the circumstances of our refugee families. We visit camps, homes, community centers and more... The two beautiful country are great destinations for vacation, but still hard places to enjoy when home is a tent, your neighbor is a stranger, and your future homeland isn't perceptible.

April 2020, Easter concerts in Syria! (Canceled 🦠😷)

It is with great pleasure that NFGM is going back to Syria to celebrate Easter with the local church from all denominations; Greek Orthodox, Maronites, Latin, Presbyterian, and more. Visiting Latakia, Tartus, Safita, Aleppo, and Qameshli, we are praying for blessed events addressed to adults. But also, we are celebrating childhood with thousands of kids, bringing joy, peace and lots of music to them... Join us in prayers and support our mission!

March 2020, Concert with Nizar Fares! (Canceled 🦠😷)

After the great success of NFGM first benefit concert back in June 2019, we invite you to attend our next one! Saturday March 28th, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, at Newton Corner Worship Center, 187 Church St., Newton 02458 MA, USA. We will share many worship songs, from different denominations, where some of the hymns go back to the IVth century! More details to follow soon. Stay tuned!

February-March 2020, Our first Mission trip to Juba!

Our mission trip to Juba in South Sudanfrom February 29th till March 9th, is a treasured memory!

A- NFGM team visited an orphanage, at the outskirts of Juba, but it was literally in the bushes!

B- We enjoyed the company of school kids, their enthusiasm for education, even though they have the worst educational conditions. For instance, one classroom had 80 students, where 7-9 students squeezed on a bench designed to seat only 4! And we were surprised that many of the classes had a random huge pile of dirt in between the students and the class board!

C- We managed to meet 8 elders from the same neighborhood, and enjoyed times of worship and prayers. Same thing with another woman's meeting. We were truly blessed as much as we were a blessing to others.

E- On the last day, our team managed to take care of one specific child (Abraham, 5 years old) whom we met at the orphanage the second day we arrived. He was traumatized to see his mother killed in front of him 2 years back, and was ashamed to play with other kids -even to leave his tent- because of a gallbladder problem. But NFGM team decided to go the extra mile, bringing him to the hospital, do all the blood tests, pet scans, we were even determinant to get him into a surgery if needed! We wanted so badly to get him through this! For our surprise, and God's mercy, after all tests, we discovered he only had a chronic inflammation and an infection in his gallbladder, needing some serious medicine, some minor changes in his habits and he'll be fully recovered. After 6 weeks, we contacted his grandmother, and Abraham is doing great. We are so thankful that a small step of love wrapped in hope changed Abraham's childhood, allowing him to create beautiful memories with new friends.

F- Also on this trip - because of the shortage of electricity- for the very first time, we gave the gift of solar music players for more than 300 kids. You had to see their smiles, laughters, and burst in dance, they were just adorable...

November 2019, Turkey again on the menu!

Thanksgiving is a heartfelt holiday that brings family around the table. Whether family is blood-related, the family of the body-of-Christ, the regional ethnic group family, or our global human family, we can always find common ground that brings people from various backgrounds together to be thankful for the past year’s blessings. We are pleased to report a very successful NFGM event during Thanksgiving time this past November 2018, as we hosted refugees from the Middle East who have recently come to the USA. Over 20 doctors of different specialties volunteered to help these families better understand the health care system and their own health issues. In addition to several workshops, discussions and lectures were held on topics of social ethics. This Thanksgiving event will now be a yearly celebration we're happy to spend with new immigrants!

August 2019, NFGM for the first time in Haiti, Latin America!

After the 2010 major earthquake in Haiti, the country is still enduring consequences. The Syrian community there has been established for more than 70 years now. But with the refugee crisis in the Middle East, the influx of Syrian refugees to this poor country aggravated, especially with many having old family there... NFGM is visiting and serving in churches for the first time, encouraging kids and adults through music events for all ages. Pray for a spiritual and physical relief to new refugees there!

July 2019, We celebrate with thousands of war-weary families in Syria.

In the past eight years, the name SYRIA has been cited more than in all the books and scriptures through out history prior to 2011. Thousands of families have been dispersed across five continents. Thousands more have been displaced within the country, including an estimated 800,000 children who have been orphaned. At NFGM, WE continue to visit, encourage and spread hope through our music, praying that God uses it as a healing balm for the spirit, the mind and the body. Please join your hands with us that we might succeed in this mission!

June 2019, We can't wait to meet again our dear refugee children in Greece!

Since last June, much has happened with the families and children we've met in Athens, Thessaloniki and on the Macedonian borders! This year the NFGM team is committed to increase our help and the joy those kids' faces, lifting them up with encouraging messages, songs, and gifts to their hearts, minds and bodies. This year, we go to serve our people in need - inlands and on the islands. Please pray for grace, wisdom and strength - that we would bring the smile of Christ to those who need Him most. From June 24th till June 30th. Three main cities and many camps to visit...

Sunday, June 9, 2019, A Benefit Concert at Trinity Chapel, Newton, MA- USA. 

"Send us to Help!"

Our musical event is an amalgam of History, Truth and Music! Nizar Fares performs with a unified choir from Faith diversity. 

"Send Us to Help!" is the title of the upcoming benefit concert in support of our mission trips this summer. Every year, NFGM (Nizar Fares Global Ministry) organizes 4-5 missions trips to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Greece, and more. These missions bring hope, encouragement and relief to displaced, war-orphaned children, and refugee families.

Come and invite others along for an authentic spiritual and musical journey to the cradle of Christianity in the Middle East! A repertoire of songs going back to the IVth Century, will carry the message of global peace and reconciliation, highlighting the great voice of Nizar Fares! 

In one concert, you will experience a feast of Christian diversity presented by a unified Choir from all denominations, singing in Syriac, Byzantine, Coptic, Chaldean, Syro-Maronite and Arabic - and all accompanied by an incredible orchestra. 

There will also be special program for children under 12 years old. Parking available. See you there!

Get your ticket now!








November 2018, Thanksgiving with local refugees' families in Massachusetts, USA.

Feeling alone in a strange country is a common frustration we all went through as new immigrants - even if the country was the USA - the land of opportunity! At NFGM, we’ve been inspired to reach out to new immigrants locally - especially refugee families who were forced to flee their countries and have now found refuge under safer skies!

Having so much to be thankful for, this Thanksgiving 2018, NFGM is celebrating our blessings in a very unique way bringing live Middle Eastern music, lectures about adaptation, relief, and encouragement from a team of people who speak their language and understand their suffering. Plus, for the joy of seeing smiles on the faces of children, NFGM will arranging a great kids program - guaranteed to bring them tons of fun!

If you know refugee families that moved recently to the greater Worcester area of Massachusetts, please contact us or simply enroll them.

If you would like to assist, help, and volunteer for the event, fill out the application form.

June 2018, Our visit to Athens and Thessaloniki just started

The mission - bring relief, and encouragement through prayer and worship- has started. And these coming days, we are blessed to enjoy the fruits of previous missions. After being discipled, we are witnessing great steps in faith of those who accepted the Good News.

Last time, with your support, we sponsored and were able to feed 450 families living in a refugee camp. Our hearts were blessed to hear so many expressions of gratitude like, "We haven't eaten such tasty food since we left our home countries".

This time, we are visiting a small refugees camp, almost forgotten from national and international organizations. Can you imagine; They just asked us to bring them bread! Tens of kids also need milk and diapers...

We need your help. Please support these families!

May 2018, We just came back from Turkey...

One of our ministry goals -now made more possible through NFGM- is to keep vivid in our thoughts and actions what Jesus said to the sheep on His right in Mathiew 25:34-40. We arrived home from a blissful mission trip to Turkey. Our trip has been richer this year, with beautiful memories and great testimonies, especially that for the first time, we opened NFGM field trips to faithful volunteers. We were blessed by having Aline A. - from Montreal, a hardworking lady invested in her job, and well versed in her church kids ministry, who decided to pause her hebdomadal life to step into the field, outside of her comfort zone, to serve the most needy. Also blessed by and Mariane G. -a mother of a young teenager-, feeling the urge to serve, she left her family and joined NFGM overseas. 

A hectic mission?! definitely! But worth the tiredness. We were overwhelmed by the Lord's omnipresence. He was overshadowing the long driving hours, day and night from and to Istanbul (a total of 2249Km visiting Sakarya, Düzce, Bilecik, Afyon,  Kersehir, Amasya, and Samsun, then driving back to Istanbul), moving from one district to another, arriving to one city, visiting, serving, praying then leaving to the next one...

Everywhere we go, local choirs were encouraged to join and enjoy worshipping with us. Therefore, we practiced songs to prepare our hearts and minds - the goal - for all to receive the Lord's greatest blessing. On this trip - like the year's one- we had many choir joining us in praise. And we had the great opportunity to listen to the children choir in Bilecik.

What a privilege for all of us to be partaking in educating these exquisite talents! NFGM - with your support - is the first ministry to invest musically in gifted refugee children through "The Overseas Sponsoring Program for Talented Displaced Children and Youth". What a pleasure to see them blossoming and growing their talents for His glory! please Click Here. To learn more about this program, please visit our Projects.

This time in Turkey, and with the help of the accompanying team of volunteers, we could put together a puppet show for our beloved kids. And to share with them God's love through music and theater. In every town, worship and prayers were our top priority, and on this mission we invested more in renting places to bring our people together, than in giving away in food stamps...

December 2017, An Enchanting Christmas in Syria!

After being officially designated as a not-for-profit organization, our plan to visit Syria on Christmas was a prayer answer. As it was the journey of a thousand lifetimes...a Christmas trip to encourage our brothers and sisters in Syria. Flying first to Lebanon, our purpose - to embrace the great human need in Homs, Tartus and Latakia, Syria, then in Nab'a, Lebanon.

In a country that is still plunged in war and blood. We enjoyed caroling, dispersing Christmas Joy, and celebrating the reason of the season! The Christmas cards handcrafted by your children were all hand-delivered to displaced children. You had to look in their faces, they were happy beyond measure to know that they are not left behind or forgotten. Every child received a toy and educational materials, plus a basket of food supplies for his or her family, enough for a week of feasting meals!

To our friends in Syria and Lebanon, God is so good...and until next time, whether young, old or in between, you are in our hearts.

From NFGM - Nizar Fares Global Ministry, we express overflowing gratitude for making our journey to the refugees possible. You may not be able to personally travel to the Middle East, but we thank you once again for entrusting us with YOUR voices and YOUR hands - to bring relief, encouragement and hope to God's people in the most need.