Together we can help, support, encourage, and dream of better communities. Let us be the salt and the light all around. Let's live up to our callings. Together we can be the "focolare"; The hearth in which logs burn collectively to give back warmth, light and sustain life.

As the summer sun shines (here in Boston, at least. It may be winter where you are), it’s a great time to be thankful, especially as we, in the developed world slowly rise from the rubble of the pandemic. In America, the CDC has allowed fully vaccinated people to go sans masks in certain places. The vaccine is now freely available for adults in many states. We are grateful for that.

But many people in developing countries are struggling with stronger waves of the pandemic. Or political unrest. Or poverty and injustice. And as we are called to be the salt and light in the world, let us reflect in gratitude about what we can do for those in the margins.

Soon, we will be able to go on mission trips again. In fact, we are slated to go on two trips this October. But, even if things are going back to normal in the United States, Syria and Lebanon are surely going to be in a different situation. The mission trip won’t be like those in the past.

As we start to prepare, we ask for prayers. We ask for the church community to pray for God’s leading and clear direction. For grace and provision, for divine appointment and intervention. We pray for open hearts from generous donors and potential student volunteers from schools we might be partnering with. So that we can give back warmth, light and sustain life in the places we are sent to.


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