Yes, together… for an optimal Synergy!

Dear Reader,

We are so happy that through the past seventeen years, Your prayers and partnership have been a true blessing this year. Leaning towards its end, we're happy to announce that 2017 was full of His mercies, His compassion, and His providence.

There are several ways you can be an effective partner, as peer-to-peer faith warriors, answering the need, bringing hope, sharing the Word, reaping the harvest into Godโ€™s kingdom:

1) PRAY. First and foremost this is our greatest need. We're fueled by Jesus' Grace, maintained by His love, and sustained by the prayers of His saints!

2) GIVE. Your financial support definitely can help us to achieve more into the battlefield, as we maintain a travel schedule, produce musical and written material, fund projects, and meet needs of daily life (Details at the end of this email).

3) PARTICIPATE. If you are a web design or media professional, God may be directing you to devote some of your time and skills to the development of NFGM website and other facets of the ministry. Contact us to discuss possible involvement.

4) LISTEN. Purchase Nizar Fares' albums to help with this ministry. Whether purchased online (iTunes, Amazon, Google, othersโ€ฆ) or hard copies, 20% of the proceeds also help fund our NFGM projects and other carefully selected partners in similar humanitarian causes.

5) GO. Your ardor to be a coworker with us is always encouraged and welcomed (Contact us for more details).

Dear friend, we encourage you to read till the end of this newsletter, you will be satisfied of how God's hand is moving through this ministry, leaving us thirsting for more, and desiring Him exponentially!