Ken Kops

Ken Kops writes, edits and provides voicework for Ken is a passionate disciple of Jesus Christ and devoted worker for the Kingdom, also serving 2 other Christian Ministries in the Middle East. Now in his mid-60’s, Ken was wed to our dear family friend, Rania just 2 summers ago and claims that God has suspended the aging process in his life - after marrying a  “younger” full of Jesus believer! He is a father, grandfather, radio broadcaster, entrepreneur and author of the Devotional Journal "Christ Of The Salesman Road".

When asked to elaborate on his desire to be part of NFGM, Ken explained, “I believe God has given Nizar Fares a special gift and mission to bless others. His ability to reach children with music - for the Gospel’s sake - is unique and deserves support. And the way to touch kids’ parents is to love and teach their children. The vision and integrity of NFGM - to bring the truth and hope of Jesus Christ to the refugee and displaced peoples inspires me to include this organization in my tithe of time, creativity and dollars. Nizar’s heart for the Lord has allowed him to communicate and serve across multiple cultures and countries.”

At NFGM, we’re grateful to God for Ken’s presence and valuable contribution to our team. Please continue to read what’s presented here on knowing that Ken’s heart and keyboard are vital part of it.