Maya Asmar

Maya is a spirited person, a positive happy soul with much to give. Freed by Truth, nurtured by hope, and invested with love; Maya enjoys serving others, drawing a smile on others' faces is simply her natural gift. Answering her call in life, Maya is a devoted mother, a musician, a teacher and an amazing pole for NFGM. Holding a master in music, with a concentration on music education. She assists Nizar in choosing the right topics for composing kids' songs. With her own words: "We awe our children our foremost attention, as we are racing with the world around. We should strive to teach them our ways, before the world teaches them his, and they will loose theirs...". 

Maya launched our online shop, where the proceeds will help our team to serving displaced people. She supports, prays, and brainstorms with the volunteers as well as the board. Maya is a total NFGM!