Meet Our Team

Meet the Team

Nothing could be done without family and faithful friends. It is our team who believes in the vision, unites in keeping the faith and works synergistically to finish the course! While some of us are on stage, NFGM board members are also orchestrating backstage! We are so blessed they work diligently to keep the whole team focused and determined to seek His will. Return often to this page and meet more of us as we work in the harvest!

Nizar Fares


Maya El Asmar

Clerk & Product Coordinator

Ken Kops

Chief Editor & Writer

Seth A. Grutz

Board Member

Tim Ghali

Board President

Sami Ibrahim

Treasurer & Board Member

R & R

Production Team

Amir K. Ibraheem

Project Manager

Adel El Boueiz

MD, MMSc, Medical Team

Rita El Hachem Moussa

Pharm.D., R.Ph., Medical Team