Ministry in a Pandemic

Now that vaccines are rolling out in North America, and more and more people are getting vaccinated, NFGM reflects back on last year. It was an eventful one. It feels like after 2020, we can expect anything from life; a talking dog, a superhuman, a hugging tree, a “blue toothed” vaccine - who knows?!

Some things that unfortunately won’t change until we meet with our Savior - a kneeling woman praying for deliverance, a displaced family walking in the wilderness to find shelter, a hungry child embracing his bed with tears, an eager soul in search of the truth.

Painful events are unavoidable no matter how advanced human inventions are these days. Thankfully, we are in this together as we rely on each other and our faith to face the unknown and things we cannot see.

NFGM has been there through it all, fighting the good fight with God's blessing, with the support of its donors and with our zealous team of volunteers and our partner ministries in the field. We embraced, soothed, loved back, comforted and consoled many broken souls. May it be in Syria, in Lebanon, in South Sudan, or Haiti, 2020 was humbling and challenging because of the pandemic.

This year seems like a year of hope, especially for those in North America. However, our brothers and sisters in the Global South continue to struggle. Lebanon is in a worse state than ever, for example. This fall, it looks like NFGM may be able to go on mission trips again. But in the meantime, we want to continue being able to provide assistance to those in need. Right now, food boxes for families in need in Lebanon are what we are focusing on. As we, in developed nations start to see the light after an awful pandemic year, let us share hope with those in need and provide food and essential items to families in need in Lebanon. Donate now at





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