Nizar Fares


One of Nizar's highest callings in his life journey is to be a good father for his own children. In them, he sees the coming generations of other children and youth around the globe. Relentlessly investing in those children is what Nizar believes is only key for a better world. Nizar is a husband, an ongoing learner, and a musician on mission (a Musicianary”). His versatile talent is just the passport for his call. Since 2000, he became Known as a Christian recording artist among Middle Eastern communities with some 18 worship albums for kids, youth and adults. As a PhD in music, he’s invited globally to sing and lecture on Early Christian Music repertoires (Syriac, Assyrian, Chaldean, Arabic), as well as Middle Eastern music.

Though it seems quite a busy life, it wasn't enough for him to just sing and teach, because it was never about success itself, or about a talent to show, but more about how to do common good with the talents we have, and to make a difference in people's lives; Therefore, after many years of serving in the field, furthermore with the refugees crisis; He launched NFGM. 

The vision is to serve people through the music that has a true therapeutic effect, especially when it is coupled with a message that carries Truth. Get to know Nizar more by following his social media channels, and by visiting his website.