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Meet the Team

Nothing could be done without family and faithful friends. It is our team who believes in the vision, unites in keeping the faith and works synergistically to finish the course! While some of us are on stage, NFGM board members are also orchestrating backstage! We are so blessed they work diligently to keep the whole team focused and determined to seek His will. Return often to this page and meet more of us as we work in the harvest!

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Nizar Fares

Co-Founder & President

One of Nizar's highest callings in his life journey is to be a good father for his own children. In them, he sees the coming generations of other children and youth around the globe. Relentlessly investing in those children is what Nizar believes is only key for a better world. His versatile talent is just the passport for his call. Get to know Nizar more by following his social media channels, and by visiting his website.


Maya El Asmar

Maya El Asmar

Vice President & Product Coordinator

Maya is a spirited person, a positive happy soul with much to give. Freed by Truth, nurtured by hope, and invested with love; Maya enjoys serving others, drawing a smile on others' faces is simply her natural gift. Answering her call in life, Maya is a devoted mother, an amazing pole for NFGM. Soon to be launching our online shop "HeProvides", the proceeds will go to serving displaced people. Maya is a total NFGM - stay tuned!

Ken Kops1

Ken Kops

Chief Editor & Writer

A big brother with a great smile, Ken is a grandfather, husband, and author. In addtion to his writing skills, just having him on NFGM team is a tremendous blessing! We encourage you to pray with and through Ken's latest book - it's the best way to get to know him better through his Devotional Journal "Christ Of The Salesman Road".

Marcelle Aleid

Marcelle Aleid

Media and Social Media Coordinator

Marcelle is a Syrian-born Canadian writer, filmmaker and film programmer. Formerly the Deputy Director of the Abu Dhabi Film Commission, she is simultaneously a human rights activist and a thinker. Her multi-talented personality opened the doors for her to own Dots digital Media. For us at NFGM, Marcelle is a treasured person.