We are committed to serve the displaced and needy around the globe. Our projects are multi-faceted – some immediate and short-term service, others designated to make a long-term impact.

Project 1:

Talented displaced children learning music!

We all know that music flavors our lives, day and night, it tames our mood, it helps us to cry and to laugh, to think and to meditate, to pray and to concentrate... Music is therapeutic!

You may have noticed by now how special Music is for NFGM. We have stated it in our core statements. Through our Overseas Sponsoring Program of Displaced Young Talents, we breathe hope, provide education and bring encouragement. We prepare our next generations to embrace their gifts and excel in their lives. Though circumstances are tough, no schools and other activities are restrained, music keeps our talents to aspire for a better tomorrow.

While waiting in a temporary refuge country, let us give them hope through music lessons! It is something they will eagerly look for on a biweekly basis.

Be our partner and grant them the joy of learning Music!

Our Overseas Sponsoring Program for Talented Displaced Children and Youth

For $200 a month, you will help them have two group sessions per week .



Project 2:

Music Player for Refugee Kids

Help us distribute over 20,000 Music Players to Refugees Kids. Each player contains more than 110 memorable Arabic songs. The first stage is to distribute 3,000 Players in Syria, Lebanon, Greece and Turkey in summer 2019. Then another batch of 10,000 in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Greece. The last stage is to distribute it on Arabic speaking refugee children globally!
The music is specially conceived for children, composed in different authentic Middle Eastern scales and rhythms, where themes are Educational, Social, Behavioral, and Spiritual.Tunes are Taken from audio albums “ALWAN” (means colors) season I, II, III, IV and V, and from title “FORSA” (means Recess) season I and II.

Thank you for partnering with us to resonate Love!

Here are some samples of songs printed on players:

Bhebbak Ya Rfi’i” (I love you my friend), “Aam Yekbar Batna Lal Mama” (My mom’s belly is getting bigger), “Ishara (Stop signs), Nooh Tole’ “ (Noah’s Arch)

You can check for many more songs and their karaoke versions for your children, kids’ choirs, and your church kid’s ministries here


Remember for only 35$, you can bring joy, fun and education for 10 children.



Project 3:

Food Stamps (BIM Cards) for refugees

Fact: With your help, we have fed 1890 families in many provinces of Turkey. Thank you!

Fact: Most displaced people are seeking asylum in Europe, the Americas, or Australia. Turkey is often the 1st of many stops on a long journey to a New Home Country.

Let us join our hearts and efforts to help lift the burden of life in a country of temporary refuge. In a country where you are not allowed to work, and you have no income, the need for basic food items is continuous. Food Stamps on BIM Cards can cover that need – and are the best way to express your solidarity with displaced families.

Fact: Our People in the Middle East lost everything when forced to flee their homes and communities. Let us help them survive, ease their physical and emotional distress, assist them in regaining their well-being and dignity.

Fact: You can feed a family of two adults and three children for just $25 – 4 BIM Cards


Project 4:

Syrian refugees are providing to their families

From the Olive field to your home, soap is making an organic journey, impacting significant lives, and providing food to the table!

Marwa collecting dropped olives for soap 

With every soap made, we are pleading the Lord to wash hatred from hearts, and to help affected people to forgive their enemies.

Thank you for encouraging small businesses to flourish for a sustainable social development!

When the Syrian refugee crisis started, Homs was the first big city to be affected. Hundreds of families found refuge in the Aakar Plain- Northern Lebanon. But the eyes of the world were drifted on the southern Syrian borders in Dar’a, where the conflict started. Major organizations began helping on the Northern Jordanian borders.

Soap for Hope!

For only 10$, buy 3 soap bars made from pure organic non-GMOs ingredients. For men who are growing a beard,  you don't want to treat it with those chemical-filled commercial soaps... Order Now your natural handmade soap!

From the field to the press

Lebanese farmers in Aakar - couple of miles away from the Syrian Borders - struggled when a huge flow of Syrian refugees crossed the borders, seeking refuge from shells, and they didn’t know what to do… Soon enough, with the help of many local cooperatives and associations, NFGM started creating jobs' opportunities. The Soap industry is the safest and fastest to let fathers and mothers provide for their children.


Cleaning olives and preparing for pressing then soap production



Many families got back to nothing in their homeland. We started accordingly to fundraise other similar small industries in the Syrian northern towns! With every soap purchased, you are helping families to survive, enduring hardship of displacement. Order Your Natural Handmade Soap Now!





Soap for Hope!


Project 5:

Sponsor a meal for a refugee camp

Fact: With your help, we have fed 450 families at a refugee camp in Athens. So grateful for you!

The idea is not just providing food! It is encouraging local displaced community to cooperate with us, serve and help themselves. Having a lot of Middle Eastern in our NFGM team, and coming from a history of wars and displacements, we learnt - the hard way - that when you stop treating yourself as a victim (even if you are!), you clear the dust on your shoulders and start to rise up for a brighter future!

Faithful men and women cooking with joy!

Cooking in a Refugee Concentration in Athens

Fact: Most displaced people are dealing with emotional breakdowns, such as traumas and depressions. Encouraging them to do something for themselves is distracting from their daily circumstances, even the simplest activity becomes a window of joy!

Fact: You can feed a whole refugee concentration of 450 families for 800 Euros ($950).


Stay Tuned, a beautiful video of that memorable day will be shared soon!

Refugees enjoying their meals

For couple of hours, we were serving hot meals with joy!