Rita El Hachem Moussa

Rita El Hachem Moussa, PharmD

Rita was born in Beirut-Lebanon, immigrated to the U.S.A at a young age. She is a dedicated wife & nurturing mother to two girls. She witnessed the Lebanese civil war first hand which shaped her to believe in the elimination of human suffering and to promote a happy & healthy world through compassion, faith, and love.

Dr. El Hachem Graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences University and furthered her training by completing a primary care residency at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Providence, RI. Dr. El Hachem has 15 years’ experience in various pharmacy settings including clinical in-patient & ambulatory care, oncology clinic, academia & pharmaceutical industry.

In her own words: “I am blessed & humbled to be at the front line of healthcare services. I have learned throughout my experience that patients need to feel safe and secure in order to share their medical concerns.  Although my major role involves recommending the most appropriate & safe medication choice for a medical condition, however, I am a true believer that with proper education, guidance & wellness services I can increase access to patient care and help prevent diseases.

I remain “committed to the service of humankind, the welfare of humanity, and the relief of human suffering without any discrimination”.

We are so fortunate to have Rita as part of our medical team. Rita is highly dedicated as a mother, as a scholar and as a pharmacist on mission. She is the project manager of the medication relief program at NFGM.