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It is a commonly used word, daily strived for, and something that is promised but seldom fulfilled by many world leaders. NFGM is committed to bringing tangible hope that can meet the needs of the mind, soul, and body. We organize musical events, ushering people’s minds into the beauty of music, and coupled with the message of the gospel that touches the soul. Furthermore, we offer medical supplies and food that meet the physical needs.

Creative hour for Children in Duhok- Iraq

Together, we bring...


We inspire children and parents to dream again! Our kids are our pride and joy, let us invest in their future. We distribute much needed school supplies for elementary and middle schoolers, and offer sportswear to those in high school. We hope to provide even more resources in the future to help this critical cause and come alongside the refugee children in making their dreams come true.

You could be a part of that and make a big impact. Social services are a constant need at refugee camps and schools. If you have a heart to serve with Civic Education Workshops or are a counselor specialized in PTSD, please reach out to us. We would love to connect with you. We are planning more involvement on the upcoming field trips. We need you... They need you.

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The refugee crisis is a long-term struggle. History repeats itself and the violence we see is a manifestation of hatred in the human heart. We are called to fight evil with good, meet hate with love, and approach disaster and distress with relief.

Every human being has intrinsic value. It is a privilege to support people in possibly the darkest time of their lives. Daily necessities such as food, water, clothing, and shelter are challenging to find. Join us in going beyond the basics to give dignity and show love to our fellow man.

Relief brought to displaced families in Duhok- Iraq

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