The Blind Girl Sees

A few years back, NFGM Founder Nizar Fares went on a mission trip to  Duhok, Northern Iraq where he and the team experienced a miracle in modern day – healing of a blind girl in Jesus’ name. It was a Thursday evening when the group received a call from a Yazeedi family. They knew about founder Nizar Fares’ arrival, accompanied by three others; a dear Kurdish pastor and two brothers-in-Christ who were volunteers from Erbil. The family heard stories about Jesus who healed sick people and brought dead back to life. The head of the family knew that NFGM was in the area for a worship event and managed to get a hold of the group. The father was crying on the phone as his daughter’s health was deteriorating. There was strange spiritual activity that occurred, resulting in the girl becoming blind.  Upon instruction, the father put the phone on speaker and drew his daughter near to the phone while the NFGM team started praying.

The phone started emitting a buzzing sound and it felt like something strange was fighting back and the group felt a strong, bad spirit. They continued praying in the name of Jesus, with Nizar closing with his worship song “AynakaTanzuru ‘ilayya (Your Eyes Are Watching Over Me)”. As he sang, he also prayed in his mind, “Lord with the same eyes, you’re watching over us right now. You are seeing the agony of the parents and the pain of the daughter, please take control of her body, and announce her as Your daughter. Watch over her with those same compassionate eyes!” After 15 minutes of prayers, the girl felt a sense of relief, and she told the group, that the headache she had was going away.

The next day at 8:00 AM, the phone kept ringing. The father was crying with tears of joy proclaiming, “She can see.  She can see.” The group went to visit them at one of the biggest Yazedee refugee camp in the area.

As they approached the checkpoint at the camps’ gates, the NFGM team initially could not enter as their visit was unannounced and their names were not on the list. But, as security realized the role they played in the healing of the blind girl, they welcomed and even accompanied the team.

When they arrived at the house, it took them a good five minutes to get in because all the neighbors came to see the miracle with their own eyes! Nizar reminisces, “Those were glorious moments and the highlight if our mission that day! We prayed and outreached to more than 40 families, who came to witness Jesus at work. Praise His name!”


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