Tim Ghali

Tim Ghali is the president of NFGM board. Besides being the Grace Chapel Pastor of Community Life, leading GC's small group ministry, hosting GC@Nite, he serves in various capacities. A great person to talk to, he speaks truth, and he's always bold when it comes to decisions... We believe at NFGM, that every organization needs a Tim! Because we are answering to a lot of needs, mixed with good intentions of serving; Sometimes, it becomes hard to think objectively. Here's where having a balanced board could lead to the right decisions in a specific circumstance on a specific timing.

Being a husband, father, and an ongoing disciple; Tim pastors his family of four children along with his wife Susan. He loves good coffee, reading, writing and blogging. Most importantly, he loves being with his family, learning/applying Scripture, teaching, being in community and serving in the Kingdom of Jesus. You can read his engaging blogs by visiting his website