When pain isn’t fading!

Flying from Dallas back to Boston, I got stuck in a breathtaking movie - the remake of Agatha Christie’s  “Murder On The Orient Express” - where the detective of the murder is on board and tries to solve it.

Leaving out the ending in the event you have yet to see it, the man that is killed is indeed a bad guy, a murderer himself of an innocent girl, leaving behind a broken small family, where the mom surrendered to death enduring a premature labor and the dad committed suicide. The killing of this innocent girl also broke the souls of the larger circle of the family -  maids, helpers, in a way they all collude to bring earthly justice where no justice rules - on a train!

The detective, a man with a strong work ethic, is clever and genuine. He’s a righteous character, seeking truth, strongly believing in “there’s right and wrong - and nothing in between”. In his own words, at the end of the movie, he utters, The murder of a murderer was to heal broken souls and may all of you find peace after that". Surprising, those words will need to include himself, as he ultimately decides to enter the conspiracy.

Now...the killing of an innocent child - do those words ring a bell? Broken souls from losing dear ones - that’s you and me. And living with the imbalance of injustice - often our daily bread. But no truth will be hidden forever, as motives may be twisted, wrong doings masked, wretchedness disguised. The conscience can be tamed for a time with political correctness - but there is right and wrong - and nothing in between. There will always be shades of grey, but still a specific name for each and everything in life. And the purifying the of the conscience can not be manmade.

Last December 2017,  I visited Syria, meeting hundreds of damaged people, mostly children orphaned by conflict. I myself grew up in a broken heart family from war. I too experienced the worst childhood, sent away to a boarding school after losing my father - an innocent layman, felled by violence. Words will never bring justice, the world will never fix what happened. In an effort to heal, we try science, psychology, philosophy - all efforts to find answers for pain, healing - then attempt to move on. But for a broken soul, even seeing worldly justice taking its course, ultimately doesn’t heal!

Reading the book of Ravi Zakarias and Vince Vitale, “Why Suffering?” - I discovered some relevant and soothing truth about pain. Even while fully acknowledging the amount of hardship that our children will endure in a lifetime, including the ultimate pain of death - doesn’t stop us from bringing them to life. The same applies with our Heavenly Father - nothing stops Him from creating us, even with His foreknowledge of all we must endure.

He created the power of life to triumph over suffering and nothingness - and as a person with a deep spiritual conviction, I have my God-given right to access the source of my healing. Jesus, who came to experience and relieve my pain, whose standards of holiness are so high, but came down out of love - to communicate by word and deed that it’s ok, things will get better…

On our upcoming mission trips to Turkey and Greece, we will hear more heartbreaking experiences born of trauma. We will help bear the sad memories, but also enjoy times of healing laughter. While adding a next chapter to these stories, we will keep the Source of Hope within our sights, with His words engraved upon on our hearts, "I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble - but take heart, for I have overcome the world." (John 16: 33)